why choose hair extensions?

hair extensions are the perfect way to rejuvenate your looks and enhance your self-confidence. for the best results, though, it’s vital that you choose premium products like keratin bond hair extensions or weft hair extensions. when combined with a professional installation courtesy of an experienced hair technician, you will gain the picture-perfect hair you crave.

salon services

hair extensions

*all keratin bond prices include cost of hair extensions and installation
* cost of removal $100/hr.

individual keratin bond extensions

  • initial installs 18"
    • $300 mini fill
    • $400 partial fill
    • $700 fullness
    • $1000 max fullness
    • $1350 length
    • $1800 length + fullness
    • $2500 length + max fullness
  • initials installs 22"
    • $350 mini fill
    • $475 partial fill
    • $800 fullness
    • $1250 max fullness
    • $1500 length
    • $2000 length + fullness
    • $2800 length + max fullness
    • $2400 length + max fullness
  • removal
*maintenance required every 8-12 weeks. keratin tip cannot be reused

weft extensions

*pricing levels: stylist/master stylist/ owner

  • installation
    • 1 row - $200/ $220/ $250
    • 2 rows - $400/$440/$500
    • 3 rows - $600/$680/$750
  • the weft extension itself
    • 18"-20" - $160/piece
    • 22"-24" - $190/piece

hair per piece

$160/ piece 18-20"
$190/ piece 22-24"

*2-4 pieces recommended per row based on desired look. haircut and blow dry not included.
*maintenance required every 6-8 weeks.

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transform your look with weft hair extensions

weft hair extensions are one of the more simple methods of installation. it acts as a halo of hair, strategically placed, to add instant length and fullness. the colors and density are completely customizable to fit your hair perfectly. this method usually requires "move-ups" every 6-8 weeks, but the hair itself can last up to 6 months with proper maintenance.

unleash your inner beauty with keratin bond hair extensions

keratin bonds are the most luxurious hair extension method in the game. it is the preferred method for celebrities and there is a good reason. each strand of hair is strategically placed for the most accurate hair extension placement for the best blend. they wear the most comfortably and are the most flexible of any method. this method lasts 9-12 weeks and the hair is one time use.